Board of Directors: Ensuring LUNA's Vision

The Board of Directors is the guarantor of the vision of the LUNA project. It is composed of the founders and the experts (scientists, engineers, and communicators) who have joined us. The vision of the Board of Directors is based on the ambition of the founders: to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis in order to help all women who have questions about and/or suffer from endometriosis and/or menstrual cycle disorders.

The management team: supporting the LUNA project

A startup is an adventure that needs a committed and complementary management team. LUNA has therefore opted for a pair of managers to support its growth:

Together, they are on a mission to make LUNA:/strong>
  • A revolutionary leader in screening, monitoring and treatment of endometriosis and gynecological health
  • And a caring friend to women who suffer or wonder.

Referral Committees: Bringing the voice of user needs to the table

Patient-Experts and Users Committee

Knowing that our service is for women, we decided to give them a voice to help us create the service that is the most useful, the easiest to use and the most relevant.

Our user committee is made up of members of associations, patient-experts and personalities of influence on social networks who are themselves patients and/or committed to endometriosis and women's health. We regularly solicit them on the functionalities, uses and prioritizations.

Scientific Committee

LUNA is not an expert on every subject, which is why we have set up a scientific committee, made up of some twenty medical experts, who validate all our content and articles, as well as the veracity of our decision trees and the therapeutic advice in our applications.

Our Mentors: coaching on their expertise

Each mentor is committed to supporting the current management team in their areas of expertise to make the LUNA project successful.