LUNAEndoScore®, join us to discover the first Medical Device for the diagnosis of endometriosis CE in the heart of the LUNA application!

LunaEndoScore®️ is the first diagnostic tool for endometriosis that allows the calculation of a risk score to determine your probability of having endometriosis, based on your answers to a questionnaire. This test is based on a medical expertise and is the result of 15 years of R & D.

This algorithm is the only CE-certified medical device that provides, with a sensitivity* of 84% and a specificity** of 94%, real guidance, necessary for appropriate treatment.

* Sensitivity: probability of obtaining a positive test in an individual with the disease

** Specificity: probability of obtaining a negative test in an individual without the disease

INTENDED USE LUNAEndoScore aims to help detect endometriosis by calculating a risk score that determines the probability of being affected by endometriosis based on user responses to a questionnaire. WARNING The use of LUNAEndoScore does not replace a medical consultation. We recommend that you consult a doctor for any questions or doubts about your health.

LUNA wishes to help all women who are wondering about and/or suffering from endometriosis, to help them detect their endometriosis, identify, and assess their symptoms, and give them the keys to orient their care pathway in order to reduce the delay in diagnosing endometriosis.

LUNA is available for free on Apple Store et Play Store !

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