The origins of LUNA

15 years ago, the medical expertise of a gynaecological surgeon, renowned as a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, led to the creation of the first scientifically validated test that calculates your endometriosis risk score to reduce diagnosis time.

After several years of gynaecological consultations, Professor Charles Chapron realised that well-directed questions could be used to detect symptoms that indicate a risk of endometriosis.

With the validity and relevance of the score algorithm scientifically approved, he wanted to make this helpful tool accessible to as many women as possible, enabling them to better manage their gynaecological appointments for a faster medical diagnosis of endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a gynaecological disease affecting 10% of all women of childbearing age. Long ignored, it takes a very long time to diagnose this condition: 6 to 12 years on average, depriving patients of the care they need to improve their quality of life.

In collaboration with Dr. Jean-Philippe Estrade, Mr. Benjamin Richier and Mr. Raymond Auphan, experts in scientific communication, computer security, big data and artificial intelligence, a mobile application to help patients identify, evaluate and monitor their endometriosis was created: MyEndo App.

A pioneering application to help patients assess their risk of endometriosis.
Founded in 2018, MyEndoapp was the first endometriosis risk assessment app based on a scientifically validated algorithm, and also the first e-health app to focus on reducing the time taken to diagnose endometriosis.

MyEndoApp is a medical tool that provides a risk score and medical logbook to facilitate patient-doctor interaction and optimise the management of this condition. The user is regularly asked to fill in a self-assessment questionnaire on her quality of life (stress, fatigue, pain, etc.) to monitor its development and detect warning signs.

Based on their experience with MyEndoApp and initial feedback, the team of co-founders wanted to go even further, so they created LUNA.

The development of LUNA

Building a new application

The first step was to think about and offer new functionalities to users: from a regular scoring application, to a set of services offering digital therapy and support. To achieve this, it was necessary to review the entire MyEndoApp architecture to identify any need for data structuring that would enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise browsing, while guaranteeing the highest standards of security for sensitive and intimate user data.

Initial fundraising success

To finance development costs for this new application, the co-founders called on their professional networks to secure funds from investors involved in the medical and e-health sectors.Because the project has such high potential, this “LOVE MONEY” fundraising operation has generated a total of €500,000 in just a few months.


With the strong support of their Investors, the founders have recruited a CEO, Mael Krejci, to lead this ambitious project and become a revolutionary start-up in the monitoring and treatment of women’s gynaecological health. A new identity is emerging and with it a real brand universe, caring for and listening to women who have doubts and/or are suffering: LUNA – looking after women, their menstrual cycle and their endometriosis.

Our vision of Luna

LUNA is intended for all women who have questions about and/or suffer from endometrial and menstrual cycle disorders – endometriosis, pain, bleeding or infertility. LUNA is a digital service, based on medical expertise and artificial intelligence (AI), offering monitoring and support for endometriosis and the menstrual cycle. LUNA is dedicated to education and therapeutic assistance, and develops algorithms to propose guidelines and individual actions, both in terms of diagnostic assistance, treatment optimisation, and monitoring.

Our objective

To eliminate the suffering of women who have painful menstrual cycles and/or endometriosis that affect their daily lives, while remaining attentive to their needs.

Our méthod

Therapeutic monitoring and guidance through personalised and caring support for endometriosis and the menstrual cycle.

Our strong point

Medical expertise immediately accessible through a digital application dedicated to therapeutic education and support. We provide practical, personalised solutions to help diagnosis, optimise the treatment process and monitor therapy in a caring environment

Our ambition

To ensure that women are never alone, without solutions to the suffering caused by endometriosis, by combining therapeutic effectiveness with the care required to improve their quality of life and menstrual well-being.


Our R&D commitments

LUNA uses AI within a scientifically approved framework based on real medical expertise. It recommends actions to be taken, through preventive diagnosis or therapeutic guidance, based on arguments validated by our scientific board, gynaecologists who are world-renowned in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

LUNA supports users in their day-to-day choices, but also in their care decisions and strategies. All calculation methods have been scientifically, medically and computer-validated to ensure that the results are accurate and the assistance effective.

LUNAEndoScore, a CE Medical Device at the heart of our application

LUNAEndoScore is a diagnostic tool for endometriosis. It calculates a risk score that identifies the probability of having endometriosis, based on users’ answers to a questionnaire and on medical expertise. This algorithm is the only CE-certified medical device that provides, with a sensitivity* of 84% and a specificity** of 94%, real guidance, necessary for appropriate treatment.

* Sensitivity: probability of obtaining a positive test in an individual with the disease
** Specificity: probability of obtaining a negative test in an individual without the disease

An application for women and by women, with a focus on research

LUNA is an e-health application aimed at providing better quality care and optimising the treatment process: with the active and regular use of the application by women and their feedback, we will improve our decision trees to propose actions and answers that will help all women who have questions and suffer from menstrual cycle and endometrial conditions.