LUNA App helps you diagnose your endometriosis (CE certified Medical Device Test), and offers you personalized support for endometriosis on a daily basis. The LUNA application provides you with real-time advice and alerts to monitor your menstrual cycle, your treatments, your symptoms and your health on a daily basis, in a caring and secure environment.

LUNA is dedicated to helping you, and all women facing menstrual cycle disorders and endometriosis, with its therapeutic support application to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to diagnose endometriosis
  • Give you access to the best possible care
  • Optimize your course of treatment
  • Improve your menstrual well-being and quality of life
  • Contribute to the knowledge and recognition of endometriosis
  • Contribute to research into endometriosis to ensure practical progress

Lunaendoscore®️ – detecting endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition affecting the endometrium and menstrual cycle and can impact all women of childbearing age. Today, the failure to diagnose this condition deprives patients of appropriate treatment and care. Detecting endometriosis gives you access to:

  • Specific care and treatment for your symptoms
  • Social recognition of your condition and its implications
  • Adaptation of your professional life or academic studies
  • An improvement in your quality of life
  • Specific medical and social support
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Identify, analyse and evaluate

LUNA helps you express your pain and symptoms in words, so you can better understand what you are going through and increase awareness.

LUNA App identifies your menstrual cycle profile and evaluates your pain, quality of life and sexuality through scientifically validated questionnaires. Thanks to regular updates, LUNA allows you to monitor your progress, so you can predict any decline in your well-being and quality of life and replicate actions that have worked in the past.

LUNA is a personalized analysis tool that you can slip into your pocket. It allows you to monitor your progress in terms of your pain and the disease in real time so you can fight it more effectively!

Supporting you

LUNA watches over you and offers you options adapted to your priorities and wishes. On a daily basis, LUNA supports you with personalised advice and enables you to:

  • Update your health data and assessment at any time
  • Monitor your progress and compare your results, the progress you’ve made with your pain and endometriosis, using questionnaires and graphs
  • Plan and organise your diary and personal life to ensure small victories over the disease every day.
  • Record, monitor and evaluate your treatment in real time
  • Receive personalised advice according to your profile and have everything you need to help you choose your course of treatment

Our +, LunaEducation

Better understand your symptoms and condition. LUNA’s goal is to help women understand. LUNA offers scientifically validated educational resources and content:

  • A glossary of over 250 definitions
  • Thematic articles to help you learn and better understand your menstrual cycle, fertility and endometriosis
  • Answers to your questions on symptoms and pain, but also on your health and day-to-day life as a woman
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To no longer leave you alone and without solutions to your pain and endometriosis

A safe and scientifically validated framework

A digital tool with content validated by LUNA's scientific board.

An application using artificial intelligence (AI) based on medical expertise and 15 years of Research & Development

LUNA complies with the international standard ISO13485, which specifies the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical device sector.

A Medical Device Test to help diagnose endometriosis, scientifically validated and CE certified, unique and reliable: LunaEndoScore®️

A secure health data storage solution (HDS) and the use of the best data encryption standards

LUNA is available for free on Apple Store and Play Store !

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