.Ouch… Pains, mild or disabling, from one extreme to the other, from menstruation to endometriosis, they signal us that something is happening in our body, the pain mechanism is also a saviour: our body signals that something is happening in our body, something unusual and/or abnormal.

Inflammation is primarily the mechanism responsible for pain at the time of menstruation (dysmenorrhoea). This pain, at the time of bleeding, is often the first symptom reported by patients with endometriosis, and is very intense.
In the case of endometriosis, the pain mechanism is extremely complex. In fact, it is the haemorrhage from the endometriotic implants that triggers the inflammatory reaction. Although there is a certain correlation between the symptoms and the location of the lesions, there are often discrepancies. Indeed, endometriosis-related pain is multifactorial, i.e. several mechanisms are involved, including hypersensitisation phenomena. Endometriosis lesions are the trigger for a cascade of events which, through a “domino effect”, leads to chronic pain.

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